Masters Interactive Simulations

Masters Interactive Simulations offers very effective and unrivaled simulations that provide an interactive learning experience in large-scale groups ...

The unique programs offered by Masters Interactive Simulations combine fun, excitement and training, giving participants a unique "Learning by Living" experience.

“Learning by living” means that participants experience the concepts, skills and approaches they are required to learn and adopt at the end of the training program in environments that are similar to real business lives with active participation. In this way, the participants can realize how their attitudes and behaviors in the face of events affect the results and the ways to achieve this in terms of how their skills can be developed.

Masters Interactive Simulations programları temelde yaklaşık 4,5 saat süren programlardır ve katılımcı sayısı onlarca kişiden yüzlerce kişiye ulaşabilen esnekliktedir.

Masters Interactive Simulations programs last about 4.5 hours and the number of participants is flexible enough to reach from 10 to hundreds of people.


Masters Interactive Simulations programs include an interactive and dynamic "debrief" that connects the game with real business life, emphasizes learning points, and aligns concepts and methods with acquired experiences after a game played within the framework of a fun, entertaining, moving and challenging scenario that is meticulously shaped according to the subject to be processed.

Masters Interactive Simulations offers different programs focused on different topics to contribute to meeting the needs of business life for skill development in different angles and sizes.

Programs convey messages and learning points for an organization's employees and business partners at all levels and give each participant the chance to experience how their own decisions affect results and performance. In this way, it becomes possible to establish links between the results of their own choices and the events they encounter in their work.

Since the principles emphasized in the programs are aimed at directly increasing the performance of the companies, participants at all levels can easily turn them into practice by creating learning points that they can use in their area of responsibility.

These unique, entertaining, active programs beside training function also creates the opportunity to convey effective motivational management messages for periodic company meetings, sales meetings, dealer meetings and meetings with a high number of participants.

Masters Interactive Simulations offers more than 20 years of expertise in the field of “learning by living” as a unique opportunity to increase your corporate performance.