Pmetrica Psychometrics & Assessments

Pmetrica offers very effective online inventory and testing products in the field of assessment and evaluation, as well as Assessment Center service.

Pmetrica aims to meet the needs of companies effectively in terms of psychometric applications, personality and competency inventories, ability tests and competency-based evaluations.

Pmetrica, which is part of MTI GROUP in Turkey, offers online inventories, personality analyses, competency and ability tests and psychometric measurement tools that have been developed and used by Masters Training International in a wide range of projects for more than fifteen years and whose effectiveness has been proven with thousands of applications.

Pmetrica brings a very different approach to psychometric measurement and evaluation; Pmetrica takes care to create the reports of the inventories it offers in an easy-to-interpret and comparable nature with clarity and simplicity that carries enough information and ensures decision-making without wasting time.

The flexibility of Pmetrica's psychometric inventory studies brings a significant advantage and includes modules that can be tailored to company needs;

  • Within the framework of the projects to be developed, inventory results containing different measurement methods can be combined and interpreted.

  • Special inventories can be developed and applied to measure different competencies.

  • Reporting can be done within the desired framework

  • The authenticity and validity of the results can be maximized by conducting face-to-face or online interviews according to the need

Pmetrica provides Assessment Center support to the Human Resources units of companies for competency-based personnel selection and placement in the recruitment, promotion, appointment and assignment process at all levels.

These studies, which are developed depending on the desired competencies and customized in accordance with the sector / line of business / institution / position structure, using customized inventories, psychometric tests, scenarios, and competency-based interviews, are evaluated