MTI GROUP Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

As MTI Group and its affiliates, we approach the protection of the privacy of the data we collect from our visitors within the scope of the use of our websites and share with you the principles and procedures we adopt within the framework of nationally and internationally accepted privacy standards in the collection, transfer and use of such data through this "Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy".

Your Contact Information

Your contact information is not collected directly by any form. However, by sending mail to our e-mail addresses, your e-mail address, your name-surname, address and other personal and corporate information can be recorded. These data are processed within the scope of the KVK Policy and stored, deleted, destroyed or anonymized in accordance with the MTI Group Personal Data Retention and Destruction Policy.

Web sites content of MTI Group and its affiliates are not intended for children under 18 years of age. It is essential that all transactions and activities that are required to be carried out by adults who have the power to appeal from all activities carried out on our Website by visitors (above the age of 18) are essential. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal representative to share personal data of minors with us.

Our purposes for processing your personal data

Not limited to the following;

  • To be able to improve the services we offer through the Websites,
  • Sending newsletters or notifications by e-mail,
  • To provide effective client service by responding to complaints,
  • To contact users within the scope of requests, suggestions, complaints and requests for assistance,
  • To take the necessary legal measures within the scope of the prevention of unlawful content.

Sharing personal data:

Your personal data can be shared with our group organizations by anonymizing when necessary in accordance with this Policy and in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable legislation, as well as with our business partners, business contacts, performance assistants and subcontractors in line with the purpose and development of the service we offer. Can be transferred domestically and abroad by regulatory and supervisory institutions and official authorities in cases stipulated by the relevant legislation.

Links to the sites of group organizations and third party websites or applications through our Websites

Links to the sites of group organizations are provided through our website. There may be differences in the data collected by these sites on their own and their own KVK policies will apply. Visitors are advised to pay attention to this issue.

Links to 3rd party websites, mobile applications and portals such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram are provided through our Internet Sites. Your personal data collected within the scope of the use of the said website and applications are outside the scope of this Policy. Therefore, it is recommended to examine the personal data processing and privacy policies of 3rd party websites and mobile applications.


Your data may also be collected through technical communication files called cookies, which enable our Websites to work properly, to provide services to users in a personalized way, and to improve user experience. We do not use the data we collect through cookies to identify you. Cookies are not used for purposes other than those specified in this Policy and are not processed in violation of data protection legislation.

Other information we collect automatically, we may collect personal data about you in order to improve the hardware and software technologies we use and other services we offer, to adapt them to the individual or corporate demands and needs of our customers, users and visitors, to resolve technical problems encountered during the performance of these services and to control our infrastructure. . For example, our servers automatically store some information such as the IP addresses of the devices accessing our Websites, the pages accessed, the visit dates, and the browser type and language.

Data security

In order to ensure that the personal data you share with us, is processed, stored and accessed only by authorized persons. We take all technical and administrative measures that are reasonable within the scope of current technological possibilities, including vulnerability screening tests, virus protection software and network security systems. However, the systems used for the processing and storage of personal data are periodically updated and reviewed. In this context, among many other documents, we comply with the Information Security Policy and ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems Standard and carry out relevant risk assessment studies. In addition, we undertake to report this matter to the relevant persons and authorities in the event of unlawful deletion or alteration or access of existing personal information and data by third parties.

Electronic messages

You can exit the text message, e-mail or instant messaging services we send you for information and communication purposes with the referrals made in the relevant messages.

Updating the Policy

The provisions of this Policy may be amended or renewed, in whole or in part, to take effect on the date on which our websites are published. You are not notified in this regard. Therefore, we recommend that you follow these environments.

Contact information

You can send your suggestions, questions and reservations regarding the interpretation or implementation of this Policy to info@mtigroup-int.come-mail address.