MTI School

MTI School offers training and development opportunities in different fields in a virtual classroom with its online and modular program packages.

MTI School focuses entirely on online training and development; It reinterprets the concept of distance training, creates training packages for different needs and performs very effectively within the framework of the wide range of opportunities provided by the internet.

MTI School uses all the advantages of being a part of MTI Group by using Masters Training International's unique experience over 20 years to develop and offer unique training packages.

MTI School has been developing its online training infrastructure since 2019. This makes the difference in the field of online training:

  • MTI School focuses entirely on online training and development

  • It receives the knowledge and support of all units of the MTI group, especially Masters Training International, the leader of the corporate training sector

  • All training contents and development packages are prepared in online training format.

  • Modular based trainings are offered in groups aimed at development in the relevant field

  • Modules in all training groups can be given by different instructors according to their content

  • Interactivity is prioritized in trainings

  • Most experienced facilitators and consultants run the programs

  • Options to meet the needs of a company can be found in a wide training content portfolio

  • Trainings can be designed for the specific needs of the organization

  • Scheduling flexibility can be offered for all trainings

  • All monthly announced trainings are available for individual participation